best Michelin star restaurants in chicago

Below is a list of the best Michelin star restaurants in Chicago that have received numerous stars for their top service and their exquisite cuisine where guests can indulge in savoury dishes and enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

longman & eagle

Address: 2657 North Kedzie Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
Phone number: (773) 276-7110


The Longman and Eagle Restaurant is one of the more unique experiences in Chicago. This hipster feeling eatery is one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago that has a no nonsense décor that enhances the ambiance of your visit. The Longman and Eagle offer menu service for brunch and dinner as well as offering a fine selection of over 300 whiskeys for you to enjoy.

Brunch at this best Michelin star restaurant Chicago serves up some of the best egg dishes from a duck hash with duck confit and an Irish steak breakfast that features blood sausage and Irish beans. Sandwiches and entrees are superb with the wild boar sloppy joe being a favorite. Dinner brings appetizers like confit beef tripe with puffed rice or a pig’s head with blue cheese and Buffalo sauce.

Entrees that are served include a pan-seared Albacore tuna with hominy ravioli as well as root beer glazed bone-in pork chop with a sweet potato puree. The Longman and Eagle also has seven rooms that are rented out to travelers that are situated above the whiskey fueled tavern.


Address: 1723 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614

Phone number: (312) 867-0110


The Alinea Restaurant created by Chef/owner Grant Anchatz is one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago and is the only three star Michelin restaurant that have continually pleased guests since opening in 2006. The list of awards for this formal dining establishment is amazing and continues to grow making this a must stop for foodies.

The menu is based on American and European cuisine that is prepared with the finest and freshest artisan ingredients available in Chicago. There is a tasting menu which features twelve to fourteen courses of cuisine that actually looks too good to eat but is absolute heaven when you bite down. This takes molecular gastronomy to new heights with the creative mixture of flavors that is placed in a beautiful art form on each plate. The wine pairings featured bring out the most explosive flavors of each course and is highly recommended.


Address: 619 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone number: (312) 715-0708


Blackbird Restaurant is one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago and has been on the cutting edge of Midwest cuisine since opening in 1997. This trendy establishment has a sleek décor that is unpretentious to the eye with lots of close seating for patrons.

The cuisine at Blackbird is innovative in taste and presentation. They offer several menus from a la carte dining to a seven-course tasting menu to a price fixed lunch menu with culinary delights like rabbit sausage topped with a creamed parsley root and a grilled monkfish with sunchoke.

Dinner selections include appetizers like fried frog legs with fennel and roasted Brussel sprouts with whipped ricotta cheese. Entrees feature farm fresh ingredients and are intertwined in the flavor of the salsify gnocchi with collard greens as well as an excellent glazed pork belly with roasted squash. Wines by the glass are limited but there is an extensive wine list.


Address: 1729 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone number: (312) 337-6070


Boka Restaurant is another best Michelin star restaurant Chicago that has been satisfying the most discriminate of customers since 2003 with new American cuisine that features superb preparation and exquisite taste. The interior décor is unique with grass covered and brink walls with a formal feel of the white clothed booths with wood trim. The menu has innovative twists on some favorites like chestnut ravioli with aged Gouda cheese and a seared foie gras with pickled blueberry for starters.

Main courses include monkfish with sea urchin and a Rohan duck with bitter greens and cauliflower. Boka also offers a seven-course tasting menu that changes regularly based on the local artisan vegetables, poultry and meat. Guests will find their favorite wine either by the glass or bottle on Boka’s extensive wine list which includes varieties from France, Italy, USA and other countries around the world.


Address: 440 South LaSalle Street, 40th Floor
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone number: (312) 663-8920


The Everest Restaurant is one of the more spectacular settings for dining in the Chicago area. Located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange this formal place has a décor of white marble with gold accents and a million dollar view of the Chicago skyline. The French inspired cuisine at this best Michelin star restaurant Chicago is prepared with the finest ingredients available and no expense is spared.

There are a couple of seasonal seven-course tasting menus with such delights as a slow braised filet of wild sea bass with endives and the vegetarian tasting menu features specialties like vintage Carniola risotto with wild forest mushrooms. Other three and four price fixed menus have such culinary favorites as a loin of venison with wild huckleberry and a magret of Mulard duck with marinated turnips. Everest Restaurant has a fine selection of French wines from Alsace in their cellar with over 1,600 bottles for guests to choose.


Address: 980 North Michigan Avenue, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone number: (312) 280-2750


Spiaggia Restaurant is brings formal dining with an Italian flare to a new height in flavor. This is the best Michelin star restaurant Chicago that offers two tasting menus available as well as a la carte dining when you want to mix and match your favorites. Specialties include ravioli with a lobster roe and a veal dish with a sea urchin currant brioche.

The quality of the ingredients makes each dish something special and different from your standard Italian restaurant. A la carte menu items include a rich gnudi in a black truffle consommé for starters to a dry-aged rib eye with a truffle hollandaise. Expert wine pairings have been chosen for each dining experience whether that is a la carte or with one of the tastings menus.


Address: 123 North Jefferson Street
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone number: (312) 441-1920


Sepia Restaurant has been winning diners over before the establishment gained its first one star from Michelin in 2011. The interior of this best Michelin star restaurant Chicago takes you to a by gone era of Chicago with plenty of reminders from the glory days of the city. Located in a refurbished 1890 print shop, the dark woods and friendly atmosphere bring dining to life.

The a la carte lunch menu includes sandwiches like a Thai chicken sausage and a Berkshire pork shoulder with smoked apple butter. Dinner menus include starters like rabbit sausage with black truffle as well as entrees that feature innovative creations like skate wing with black pepper gnocchi and a red fish with a crawfish boudin. Sepia also has a variety of homemade jams that accompany many of the dishes to bring the fullest of flavors to your mouth.


Address: 445 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone number: (312) 661-1434


Since 1989, Rick Bayless has hit a home run with Topolobampo. The upscale atmosphere and décor is inviting with an airy feeling that makes you feel at home at this best Michelin star restaurant Chicago. The menus that are offered for lunch and dinner are unique with the explosion of many unique Mexican flavors.

The menus are full of fresh ingredients and fresh ideas that are separated into eight categories like vibrant, soulful and enchanting. Lunch includes a three course price fixed option as well as plenty of shared starters like ceviche or a griddle-baked quesadilla. Entrees include a Tinga tostada, chilaquiles Yucatecos with a roasted tomato-habanero sauce as well as carne asada prepared with Creekstone beef.

Dinner at Topolobampo includes a seven-course tasting menu with specialties like octopus with apollo and an Oaxacan goat barbacoa. A la carte menu service is also available with such choices as scallop with a black raspberry aguachile or an ivory char escabeche. Whether you create your own tasting menu or choose the house seven-course tasting menu Topolobampo has just the right wine pairing to make your experience memorable.


Address: 500 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone number: (312) 321-6242


Naha Restauranti is one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago that has been pleasing guest’s taste buds since opening in 2000. Famed Chicago restaurateur Michael Nahabedian and his cousin, Chef Carrie Nahabedian has brought the best flavors from their Mediterranean roots and combined them with superb French cooking techniques to make this a special place.

The upscale interior is bright and comfortable with large couches for guests to sit on while waiting for their table. Specialties from Naha include starters like Woodland mushroom soup and Kusshi oysters from Vancouver Island which are accented by a rich smoked trout roe.

Entrees are prepared to perfection with quality ingredients and include New Zealand ranch venison with grilled king trumpets as well as a lacquered aged Moulard duck breast and foie gras with Beluga lentils. Naha has the perfect meal just waiting for your salivating taste buds.


Address: 676 North Saint Clair Street
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone number: (312) 202-0001


Tru Restaurant brings the best of progressive French cuisine to the Chicago area. The formal setting at Tru is soft on the eyes with an award winning art collection gracing the walls. Executive Chef Anthony Marin has created a menu that relies on fresh and quality ingredients that bring an explosion of flavor to your mouth.

The menu at this best Michelin star restaurant Chicago changes regularly but if you like caviar there is always a fine selection on hand. Some of the most interesting dishes include scallops with black truffles and Japanese plums as well as an incredible halibut that looks to pretty to eat. Tru Restaurant has a wine list that includes over 1,500 labels in their cellar.


Address: 1466 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
Phone number: (773) 252-1466


Chef/owner Michael Carlson brings his eclectic cuisine to Schwa Restaurant. Opening in 2005 this eatery has been awarded a coveted Michelin one star for six years running. The interior décor is subtle and inviting while you dine. Schwa Restaurant is one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago and has a nine-course tasting menu that features such delights as pheasant with plum and pineapple, foie gras with mulled wine and pickled cranberries as well as a walleye with morels, blackberries and malt vinegar.

Other items include interesting flavors like the forest dish which features pine, snail, moss and mushrooms for an excellent earthy experience as well as octopus with carrots and peas. Schwa is BYOB and guests are encouraged to bring a little something for the guys in the kitchen too.

graham Elliot bistro

Address: 841 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60607


The Graham Elliot Bistro is a trendy and hipster restaurant, one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago that features cuisine that is expertly prepared. The menu is designed for diners to choose something from the four sections. Many people will split some of the smaller plates before their main entrée of choice. The deconstructed Caesar salad has a brioche twinkie for a crouton and the salmon pastrami is served with rye toast, grainy mustard and pickled pears.

Main course involves a tasty crispy salmon with malted parsnips or a seared duck breast with beluga lentils, orange jam and a smoked ham hock. The short rib stroganoff with a peppercorn spätzle, black truffle and crème fraiche will melt in your mouth.

Dessert features an interesting twist on a banana split which has homemade ice cream, candied hazelnuts, pretzel crumb and luxardo cherries. Graham might not be on the premise everyday but his well trained staff know how to take care of their guests the way Graham would want.


Address: 1639 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone number: (312) 360-9500


The Acadia Restaurant brings the taste of Maine and the East Coast to the table. Even though Acadia is one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago, the interior is modern with underlying gold and black highlighting the cream colored walls.

This elegant eatery has something for everyone with their five and ten-course tasting menus. Such delicacies like abalone with pork belly and fermented salsify to Spanish octopus with artichoke and tangerine to potato with a burgundy truffle and quail egg are prepared to perfection for guests. There is a small plate menu for the bar and lounge area to enhance your evening libation as well as a private dining room for large parties.


Address: 2656 West Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625


The Goosefoot is a small 24-seat best Michelin star restaurant Chicago that concentrates on a chef table format which features artisan farm products. The chef table’s tasting menu includes twelve-courses that highlight French cooking techniques by the chef/owners Chris and Nina Nugent.

Specialty items like potato gnocchi with perigord truffle, big eye tuna with radish soy and an Angus beef with Szechuan peppercorn have delighted guests with big infusions of flavors. Desserts include dragon fruit with hibiscus and a sample from the Goosefoot chocolate lab. The Goosefoot is also BYOB if you are one that likes to pair wine with your tastings.

North Pond

Address: 2610 North Cannon Drive
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone number: (773) 477-5845


The North Pond is situated in the Lincoln Park neighborhood with a lovely view of a pond and Chicago skyline. Constructed in an old warming hut for ice skaters, this 1912 building was redesigned to accommodate this fine restaurant. Chef Bruce Sherman brings the freshest local ingredients to new innovative cuisine.

The North Pond which is one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago offers a price fixed tasting menu with over seven-courses. The establishment also has menu service which feature small plates like maple-braised pork belly with a soft boiled egg and a foie gras with gingerbread pudding. Entrees include such fabulous dishes as pheasant with pear, cod with Manilla clams and grouper with a chorizo-poached lobster.

Wine pairings are available to enhance each bite of delicious cuisine. Sunday brunch features a price fixed menu with three courses that range from a pork loin with sage sausage to rainbow trout with a carrot pudding to charred flatiron steak with a parsnip brulee.

el ideas

Address: 2419 West 14th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone number: (312) 226-8144


El Ideas is a unique dining experience that includes plenty of interaction with the kitchen and the skillfully trained staff. The industrial-style interior is different with no walls separating the kitchen from the dining room. El Ideas, one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago is situated in the Douglas Park neighborhood and as patrons enter the restaurant they will feel like they are entering another world.

The cuisine at El Ideas takes a life of its own with interesting flavors being matched to bring the most out of each menu tasting. Diners will learn how the chefs conceived of the cuisine while each portion is cooked and placed on plates for waiting dining enthusiasts. Recent specialties include a veal shank with hazelnuts, monkfish with roe as well as ham and cheese with a black truffle. El Ideas does not have a liquor license and BYOB is encouraged with no additional corkage fee for guests.


Address: 652 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone number: (312) 234-9494


The Grace restaurant is continuing their tradition of being the best Michelin star restaurant Chicago. This establishment has received three starts since opening in 2012. This place has been pleasing guests with innovative price fixed menus that offer wine pairings to match the delicious upscale cuisine.

The interior is perfect with a sophisticated feel that includes impressive details from the art on the walls to the luxurious chairs. The Grace which is owned and operated by Chef Curtis Duffy, offers an incredible dining experience which features two 8-12 course dining options that are called Flora and Fauna. The Floral menu concentrates on vegetables while the fauna selection serves up delicious protein based entrees like seafood and meats.

Vegetables featured on the floral menu include beet with goat cheese, butternut squash with ginger and parsnip with pink grapefruit. Fauna has a nice squab with sunflower seeds, pig tail with endive and Alaskan king crab with cucumber. Desserts are unique and flavorful which are sure to end your dining experience on a high note.


Address: 4835 North Western Avenue, Unit D
Chicago, IL 60625
Phone number: (773) 681-0651


Elizabeth Restaurant has continually fueled the fever of classy dining in Chicago. This best Michelin star restaurant Chicago is quiet with lots of new twists on cuisine that includes specialty game. The interior has big tables and comfortable chairs that are enhanced by a décor of nature.

The menu changes frequently and highlights themed nights like Viking, fairytale as well as a hunter and gather which features many outstanding vegetable and meat dishes in a Native American tone. Caviar is served with a tree nest and snail roe for an expected taste of luxury.

The shrimp noodles, the centerpiece features vegetable leathers with fried lichen and cured deer as well as a delightful wild rice crispy with bear. The mushroom tea is like a fine consommé which pleases the pallet. The Elizabeth offers a wine pairing selection that brings the best out of the cuisine.


Address: 1529 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
Phone number: (312) 850-0288


Mexique has been a favorite in West Town since 2008 when Chef-owner Carlos Gaytan opened this classy eatery. The eclectic cuisine is served up in a great atmosphere that brings the whole family together. At lunchtime the Mexique, the best Michelin star restaurant Chicago, serves up quality tacos in an innovative fashion like goat birria, pork belly and al pastor guajillo roasted pork.

There is an incredible chile relleno made with a tomato fondue, cochinita pibil with pickled onions and a huarache de camaron dish that has bacon infused corn masa. Dinner selections include small plates like ceviche and tartara de carne. Larger plates like Dorado zarandeado which is a seared mahi mahi with black bean puree and cordero which features a herb crusted rack of lamb with coffee braised lamb barbacoa huarache. Brunch includes such standout cuisine as a smoked salmon plate and braised pork belly with sweet potato puree.

the lobby

Address: 108 East Superior Street
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone number: (312) 573-6760


The Lobby Restaurant located within the Peninsula Hotel is one of the very best Michelin star restaurants Chicago and has an elegant setting that makes you feel like a king or queen while dining on breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The dining room features 20-feet high floor to ceiling windows that look out over a beautiful terrace. The menu is eclectic and features a variety of favorites for breakfast that will please the healthy and non-healthy enthusiast. Lunch has plenty of intriguing and tasty options like an Ahi Tuna Burger or Black Truffle Risotto.

Dinner is perfect with a Raw Seafood Bar with fresh oysters, chilled lobster, steak tartare and roasted shrimp cocktail. There are fresh pasta dishes with local ingredients and for the meat lover there is a double cut rack of lamb.

On Friday and Saturday the Lobby Restaurant serves up a fantastic chocolate bar which is sure to please your sweet tooth. The star attraction at the Lobby Restaurant is Afternoon Tea that features an assortment of pastries, sandwiches and other goodies to enjoy with your hot beverage. Sunday brunch offers a wonderful assortment of a la carte choices and champagne can be added for your pleasure.

42 grams

Address: 4662 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640


42 Grams has been the best Michelin star restaurant Chicago, that has also been the favourite for people looking for an intimate and unpretentious setting that will satisfy their dining fantasies. The cuisine being prepared at the two-star Michelin restaurant, 42 Grams is outstanding.

The menu is fresh and innovative with changes daily based on local ingredients. The house utilizes a staggered seating policy which enables the restaurant to place a high emphasis on serving small groups of patrons with either the Chef’s Counter or a Communal Table. 42 Grams is quite intimate with superb service and patrons are advised on what type of wine to pair with the cuisine. Alcohol service is BYOB.


Address: 1227 West 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone number: (312) 526-3851


Duseks Chicago has been serving quality fresh cuisine since 2013. This restaurant has a hipster ambiance with a décor of wood and tile. Duseks is one of the many best Michelin star restaurants Chicago, that has a daily special called The Ordinary that is complete with a beer pairing for the perfect match.

The menu changes frequently with new dishes being added regularly. The lunch menu ranges from porchetta sandwich with a sunny egg and English muffin to an authentic sausage sandwich with andouille. The dinner menu includes small plate specialties like braised veal heart tortellini, seared scallops and confit octopus.

Larger plates include a wonderful root vegetable cassoulet, beer braised beef cheeks and choucroute which is an innovative take on duck breast with a confit duck leg. Brunch includes chicken and waffles as well as a crab and artichoke benedict.


Address: 3500 North Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
Phone number: (773) 654-1460


The Parachute Restaurant received a coveted Michelin one star in 2012 and has been pleasing customers ever since opening. This independent and the best Michelin star restaurant Chicago features Korean American dishes with a new twist on tastiness.

The intimate space only seats forty patrons and assures guests that their experience will be an once-in-a-lifetime eating adventure. Small plates include innovative cuisine like crispy stuffed sesame leaves, pork belly pancake and Yukhoe beef tenderloin.

Larger plates include Tandoori Sweetbreads, Maeuntang with yellowtail snapper and littleneck clams. The Parachute Restaurant is the perfect place for that romantic gastronomic adventure that guests will find while pairing wine with the finest cuisine.


Address: 4471 Lawn Avenue
Western Springs, IL 60558
Phone number: (708) 246-2082


Vie Restaurant, one of the best Michelin star restaurants Chicago, has a contemporary interior that is highlighted with soft touches of color and art. The atmosphere is quiet with a variety of seating from banquette benches and chairs.

The Vie Restaurant prides itself for using quality fresh and local ingredients that change regularly based on seasonality. Vie serves wonderful cdk ranch beef that is dry-aged for 21-days.

There is a price fixed five-course and eight-course tasting menus for guests to indulge in such culinary delights as farro risotto and roasted cod with Indiana shrimp and Manilla clams. The Vie Lounge has signature cocktails and a wide variety of wines by glass for patrons to enjoy.

nomi kitchen

Address: Park Hyatt Chicago
800 North Michigan Avenue, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone number: (312) 239-4030


NoMI Kitchen, Lounge and Garden is one of the best Michelin star restaurants in Chicago with rustic American dishes that are full of flavor. The ambiance within NoMI is contemporary with an open kitchen and an excellent view of Michigan Avenue from the seventh floor of the Park Hyatt Chicago.

Guests can be assured of a unique dining experience that features fresh local ingredients that enhance the casually elegant cuisine. Guests can enjoy free range organic eggs for breakfast, an orange-anise cured salmon tartine at lunch and pan-seared Black Cod or crackling pork belly while dining at dinner. Sunday brunch features menu service with exciting options like fall carbonara or a smoked salmon with scrambled eggs.


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