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Best Chicago Tours And Attractions

Chicago tours are both exciting and informative! You will explore Windy City, get familiar with its top attractions, learn all about its unmatched architecture, take in gorgeous panoramic views and take memorable photos. Kinds of tours in Chicago about:  there are walking tours of the city's affluent neighborhoods, tours that take you to architectural wonders, food tours that uncover the city's best kept culinary secrets, helicopter rides over downtown, popular segway rides and even boat cruises! 

Chicago Day Helicopter Tour

Chicago helicopter tours by day

Prices From: $198.99 ; Duration: 30 minutes

You have always loved the bird's eye perspective many movies provide for iconic American metropolises like Chicago? Now it's the time to try it for yourself! This Chicago City Sights Helicopter Ride is a great way to get a view from above over the city's skyline.

Lie back and relax while watching emblematic skyscrapers like Willis Tower or Trump Tower disappearing down there in the distance. Didn't it use to be the opposite?

Night Sky Helicopter Ride

hicago helicopter tours by night

Prices From: $198.99 ; Duration: 30 min

Is there a better idea than spending an evening flying above the cuckoo's nest? This Chicago sightseeing flight allows you to admire the famous skyline from up a helicopter, while getting useful insights into Windy City's landmarks from your pilot who also plays the role of a guide.

A different type of sightseeing tour, Chicago Night Helicopter Ride is a scenic way of sampling the best this American metropolis has to offer after sunset.

Chicago Scavenger Hunt Adventure

 Chicago Scavenger Hunt  tours

Prices From: $44 ; Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Are you a history buff? Do you have rich knowledge when it comes to the Windy City’s landmarks, to its history and attractions? Are you ready to show off in front of your friends and other fellow travelers? Do you feel like competing with the locals? Then, this is the right Chicago sightseeing tour for you. Based on well-conceived clues, you will be sightseeing this American metropolis and having loads of fun. This sightseeing game is everything you need to make the most of your stay in the Windy City. A highly entertaining and very educational experience, Chicago Scavenger Hunt Adventure is also a very good option for families traveling with teenagers as it turns sightseeing into a fun activity without taking out the instructional side.


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