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Chicago River Cruises And Tours

Read on for our choice of best Chicago River cruises and other tours that will let you explore this magnificent attraction. The massive river winds its way through the city, offering stunning views of skyscrapers and famous landmarks. There are a variety of cruise to suit all tastes! Combine a Chicago River tour with a food tasting experience, seek out eerie, spooky and haunted places. Relax on a luxury yacht and learn about the rich architecture and history. If you are more sporty, explore on a kayak or along the banks on a Segway. Combine a River Cruise with a visit to the top of a skyscraper!

Chicago Architecture River Cruise

Chicago Architecture River Cruise

More About Chicago Architecture River Cruise

Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper! Discover the incredible architecture of the city on this wonderful Chicago River Tour.

Board at the famous Navy Pier and cruise down all three branches of the Chicago River taking in the sites of the city's most famous landmarks. As you drift down the calm river water your fantastic guide will point out over 40 unique buildings, each with distinctive architecture. See the John Hancock Center, the Wrigley Building, the Aon Center, Willis Tower and the IBM Building to name a few. Each building has a story and you are sure to be mesmerized. Relax and enjoy the 75 minute cruise as you learn about the history of Chicago including the captivating story of how Chicago recovered from the devastating Great Fire in 1871. The River offers a fabulous vantage point from which to admire the city skyline.

VWillis Tower Skydeck Early Access, Trolley City Tour and Chicago River

Viator VIP: Willis Tower Skydeck Early Access, Trolley City tur and Chicago River Cruise

More About Viator VIP: Willis Tower Skydeck Early Access, Trolley City tur and Chicago River Cruise

With this Chicago River Tour, you will certainly have the experience of a lifetime. From the dizzy heights of the Skydeck to the curves of the River, you will discover the city in a fascinating way.

Begin the tour in the second tallest building in the United States of America, the Willis Tower! As the sleek metal elevator, doors open on the 103rd floor, be captivated by the sites of the glass balconies in front of you making up the famous skyscraper's Skydeck. The tour offers exclusive visiting hours, outside of normal public entry, giving you an unhurried and uncrowded view. Next, head downtown via trolley and learn about the culture and history of the city. Look out for some of the famous architecture including Pritzker Pavillion. End the day by boarding your one hour Chicago River cruise at Navy Pier. This not-to-be-missed trip takes about six hours and is ideal for families and groups.

Chicago Grand Half-Day Tour

Chicago Grand Half-Day Tour

More About Chicago Grand Half-Day Tour

Board a coach and enjoy the scenery of the city with the Chicago Grand Half-Day Tour. During the 4-hour Chicago River Tour, you will travel through the South Side of the city to Grant Park, home to the Adler Planetarium and Art Institute of Chicago. Pass by the world famous Orchestra Hall and then toward the North Side of the city, with a quick detour through President Obama's old neighbourhood.

Look out for the magnificent Pablo Picasso sculpture in Richard J Daley plaza. Venture over the Chicago River to one of the tallest buildings in the World, the John Hancock Center. Sports lovers will be thrilled to visit the famous Wrigley Field and Building. End the day exploring Lincoln Park, filled with lush greenery and flowing lagoons. Relax and soak up the atmosphere of the Windy City. The tour lasts for about four hours and offers a relaxed in-depth look at the famous landmarks.

Lake Michigan and Chicago River Architecture Cruise by Speedboat

Lake Michigan and Chicago River Architecture Cruise by Speedboat

More About Lake Michigan and Chicago River Architecture Cruise by Speedboat

Race over the water enjoying a thrilling ride with this incredible Chicago River Tour. Discover Chicago's skyline, filled with fascinating architecture before jetting off to Lake Michigan for a high-speed adventure on board a powerful speedboat.

Head over to Navy Pier where you will meet your knowledgeable, not to mention entertaining guide, who will take you on a journey of discovery of the dozens of sites along the Chicago River. Look out for the Sears and Tribune Tower as you pick up speed toward Lake Michigan with views of Chicago Harbour in the distance. As you glide over the water you will see sites such as Buckingham Fountain and Grant Park. Learn about Chicago's Museum Campus and the history of the beautiful Chicago Harbor as the cool crisp air fills your lungs. This 75 minute trip is ideal for all ages.

Chicago City Tour and Chicago River Cruise

Chicago City cruise and Chicago River Cruise

More About Chicago City cruise and Chicago River Cruise

Explore the city on both land and water with this fantastic Chicago River Tour. The Chicago City Tour and Chicago River Cruise will take you on a half-day journey of discovery of the history and culture of the world-famous Windy City.

Start off by hopping on to a bus where you will put on state-of-the-art headphones for a fully narrated tour. Travel through scenic areas such as Grant Park, home to the Soldier Field, Adler Planetarium and Art Institute of Chicago that houses one of the largest collection of Impressionist art. Look out for the magnificent Shedd Aquarium filled with thousands of marine species. Learn about the beautiful Orchestra Hall and the Amoco Building, each with a fascinating story. Then, board a stunning luxury yacht and see the city from the Chicago River, a unique experience! Tours run all year round, dress suitably if the weather is cooler!

Chicago North Side Tour

Chicago North Side Tour

More About Chicago North Side Tour

Explore the go-getter atmosphere of the city's main business district with this great Chicago River Tour. This is a key financial center in the world and you will be thrilled to be immersed in the vibe. Be submerged in the hustle and bustle of State Street as you tour the famous Loop with your friendly and knowledgeable tour guide. Climb onto a coach and drive through the city passing sites such as Richard J Daley Plaza and Wacker Drive. See the 7-level shopping center, a shoppers dream and admire the John Hancock center. Then head over the Chicago River to see the Wrigley Building, Magnificent Mile and Michigan Avenue. End the tour at the Chicago Botanical Gardens where magical scents fill your nose as you hunt for the famous historic Indian totem pole. You can upgrade your tour to include a luxury cruise down the Chicago River!

Chicago River Kayak Tour

Chicago River Kayak Tour

More About Chicago River Kayak Tour

Grab your Kayak and paddle along the banks of the famous Windy City. This Chicago River cruise is perfect for anyone who wants to spend a day out on the water while admiring the unique views of the city that the Chicago River has to offer.

Depart from East Bank River Club and paddle through the Downtown segment of the Chicago River. The pace is relaxed and you can paddle with a partner if you are a beginner and need support! As the reflection of the magnificent skyscrapers shimmer in the water below you, drift through the water admiring all the captivating scenery that surrounds you. Pass beneath incredible bridges that play an integral part of the largest movable bridge system in the world. Spot famous architecture, particularly seen in Willis Tower. Learn about the murky history of gangsters, mobs and crime bosses. The tour lasts for two and a half hours and is great for families.

Chicago Riverwalk Parks and Architecture Segway Tour

Chicago Riverwalk Parks and Architecture Segway Tour

More About Chicago Riverwalk Parks and Architecture Segway Tour

Glide along the streets of Chicago City with this fantastic Chicago River Tour. Explore famous Chicago bridges, scenic parks and magnificent skyscrapers as you zoom through the city by Segway. This fun two-wheel motorized bike offers a relaxed and safe way to travel, faster than walking and more hands-on than sitting in a coach. It is suitable for all ages and a quick briefing and safety lesson is given prior to setting off. The Chicago Riverwalk Parks and Architecture Segway tour is a fantastic way to spend a day out in the sunshine. Zip over to Millennium Park and keep a sharp eye out for The Bean. Glide over the Chicago River, with reflections of the giant skyscrapers twinkling in the water below. Tour alongside these giants and pass through Navy Pier along the Lakefront. Don't forget your camera, there will plenty of great photo opportunities!

Chicago History Tours Plus - River Walk

Chicago History tour Plus - River Walk

More About Chicago History cruise Plus - River Walk

Spend the day learning about how the amazing city of Chicago rose from swampland at the intersection of Lake Michigan and has transformed into one of the world's leading, powerhouse cities. This Chicago River tour is a fantastic way to explore by foot. The pace is relaxed and the groups are small, making for a great intimate experience of discovery!

Listen to captivating stories of Chicago's history completed with personal view books of photos of the sites throughout history that will bring your imagination to life, with help from your fantastic guide of course. Head off to Michigan Avenue Bridge and enjoy the River Walk filled with restaurants and entertainment. Spot some of the best architectural treasures including the Wrigley and Tribune Buildings. Learn about the infamous past of this city, filled with massacres and grand disasters like the Great Chicago Fire. End the day with a short boat ride back to your starting point. The tour is made more exciting with a trivia game that tests your knowledge and offers fun prizes!

Chicago Riverwalk Food Tour

Chicago Riverwalk Food Tour

More About Chicago Riverwalk Food Tour

Fancy a delicious bite to eat? Then this Chicago River toour will be right up your street! The Chicago Riverwalk Food Tour will take you on a culinary journey through the city streets, to hidden-away gems where tasty delights await.

The Chicago River flows through downtown Chicago with incredible skyscrapers and some fantastic food spots that line its banks. As you head down alongside the banks of the River, learn about the history of the downtown areas that were destroyed by the great Chicago Fire in 1871. Munch on fantastic traditional street food and delicious delicacies with some of the breath-taking skyscrapers as your backdrop. Don't forget to try the Pizza Puffs, they are to die for! The walk takes about two and half hours at a leisurely pace, suitable for all ages.

Chicago by Night Cruise

Chicago by Night Cruise

More About Chicago by Night Cruise

As the sun dips behind the horizon, watch the thousands of lights flickering to life as they light up the incredible Chicago City. This Chicago River cruise is certainly one for the books.

Cruise along the Chicago River and be completely dazzled by the giant skyscrapers and the Buckingham Fountain's light display. Let your guide take you on a journey through the history of Chicago with wonderful tales and fantastic facts. Look out for Willis Tower, Aon Center and Marina City. Learn about the history and architecture of famous buildings like the John Hancock Building and the Museum Campus.

As you drift along with the cool air brushing through your hair feel the vibe of the city as you wave your neon wand lighting up the night sky. This cruise is ideal for families and lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

Chicago Urban Adventure Tour

Chicago Urban Adventure Cruise

More About Chicago Urban Adventure Cruise

Prepare yourself for adventure with the Chicago Urban Adventure Cruise. This is certainly the perfect Chicago River tour for any adventure lovers.

Set sail and cruise along the Chicago River past magnificent buildings including Willis Tower, Museum Campus, Aon Center, John Hancock Center and much more. Take a moment to relax and unwind as you feel the warm sun on your skin. Then, prepare yourself for the wonderful Chicago Skyline as you head into Lake Michigan and drift through the water. Be entertained by your top class guide who will share fabulous stories about the history of Chicago, its murky past of gangsters and crime bosses and massive disasters. Then lighten up and learn lots of fun facts. Remember to bring your camera along! Ideal for the whole family.

Haunted Chicago Segway Tour

Haunted Chicago Segway Tour

More About Haunted Chicago Segway Tour

As night falls climb on a Segway and discover the most mysterious sites and haunted places that call Chicago their home. If you love a good mystery this Chicago River tour will be right up your alley, a deserted one at that!

Zoom through the dark with your guide down spooky alleys, ancient hotels and sites of some of the most terrible murders and disasters that Chicago has ever seen. Feel the hairs raise on the back of your neck as you listen for the faint sound of a piano playing without a musician in the Ballroom of Michigan Avenue Hotel. Stop on the shores of the River and hear about the 800 people who drowned in a maritime disaster, their souls still haunt the deep waters! This tour will certainly get the blood flowing and the adrenaline pumping. A spooky evening out. Segways are fun and easy to ride, safety briefings and helmets provided before you set off. Ideal for adult groups!


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