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Best Chicago Mexican Restaurants

Here are reviews of the top 10 Mexican restaurants in Chicago.

Frontera Grill


Address: 445 North Clark Street

Phone: 312-661-1434

Frontera Grill was created from the imagination of the world famous food and travel critic Rick Bayless and his wife. This Chicago Mexican restaurant itself showcases many unique pieces of art murals and cultural objects that depict everyday life in Mexico. Frontera Grill has a trendy atmosphere and there is even a Sunday brunch.

Frontera Grill has a wonderful and unique menu that encompasses many different styles of foods from Mexico. For instance Yucatecan Ceviche, Mexico City Style Quesadillas, Oaxacan Style Carne Asada all are influenced by differences in cooking trends within regions of Mexico. There are plenty of fabulous food ideas to share with your favorite friend or group of friends for the ultimate dining adventure.

Mexique Restaurant


Address: 1529 W Chicago Ave

Phone: 312-850-0288

Mexique Restaurant is the brainstorm of Chef Carlos Gayton. Chef Carlos weaves a fantastic story of incredible tasty cuisine that includes classic dishes from Mexico with a French flair and visa-versa. This Chicago Mexican restaurant restaurant is located in a drab looking building but once you enter, you can feel the energy around you.

Mexique has a fresh and unique twist; the Mar and Tierra which is highlighted by a Michoacan Style Braised Pork Belly in Mole accompanied by Seared Scallops with Sweet Potato Puree. A patron might also find a different version of a Chile Relleno that is a culinary delight or try the Seared Skate Wing with an Achiote and Tequilla Sauce. Chef Carlos has an imagination and the culinary skills to create cuisine that has many flavors colliding to perfection.

Carnivale Restaurant


Address: 702 W Fulton Market

Phone: 312-850-5005

Carnivale Chicago Mexican restaurant is the ideal place to gather when you want to feel like you are in Latin America. The interior is checkered with varying colors in bright and dull shades to enhance the energy that pours out. Chef Rodolfo Cuadros is the mastermind behind this beautiful and fun restaurant that highlights traditional favorites with an influence of Latin style flavor and cooking techniques.

The cuisine at Carnivale is prepared with only the highest quality of ingredients. A person might indulge in such delicacies as Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche, an Oxtail Empanada or a traditional Crab Cake with a Latin influence. The Paella is a perfect entrée with a traditional Latin flavor and the Jumbo Shrimp in a Brazilian Curry Sauce are really special.

Xoco Restaurant


Address: 449 N. Clark St

Phone: 312-661-1434

The Xoco Restaurant is another award winning dining experience presented by Rick and Deann Bayless that showcases the most delicious street food that Mexico has to offer. The experience starts when you order at a counter with the open kitchen in full view and is completed when someone delivers your food to a table or counter seat that you choose. The open space is perfect to enjoy the bustling atmosphere as you devour the culinary delights.

Some of the staples on the menu of this Chicago Mexican restaurant include standards like Barbacoa, Cochinita Pibil, Tortas, Red Pozole, Enchilada Suizas and Chilaquile. Each of these dishes have an inventive twist that enhances the flavor. Daily specials include Goat Barbacoa and the Braised Pork Belly keeps the regular clients happy.

Big Star


Address: 1531 North Damen Avenue

Phone: 773-252-7767

The Big Star is a honky-tonk style Chicago Mexican restaurant that concentrates on bourbon, beer and street foods of Mexico. The restaurant is housed within a 1940s gasoline station with the interior turned into a replica of a Texas roadhouse with the best bourbon available for your enjoyment.

The Big Star boasts a menu that is filled with innovative tacos that have a Mexican street vendor attitude. The Tacos al Pastor and Taco de Panza will remind you of being in Guadalajara with the traditional flavors that explode in your mouth. The Tacos de Pollo Pibil has a sweet influence from the Yucatan Peninsula and the Taco de Pescado is as authentic as you might find in Cabo San Lucas.



Address: Terminal 1 / B11, O'Hare International Airport

Tortas-Frontera is an amazing concept in quick Mexican cuisine that has been created by Rick and Deann Bayless. This Chicago Mexican restaurant is located at O’Hare International Airport and offers counter style ordering and court yard seating to finish your tasty treat.

The main staple at Tortas-Frontera is a Mexican style sandwich called a Torta that is a grilled bun which is filled with delicious Mexican delicacies. Tortas can be filled with such delicious options as Chipotle Chicken, Goat Cheese, Cochinita Pibil, and Pepito. All ingredients are of the finest quality and the menu even boasts who the suppliers are for what food item. The incredible tortas that are created have won acclaim from many publications for Best Airport Food.

Cantina Laredo


Address: 508 N State St

Phone: 312-955-0014

Cantina Laredo is a Chicago Mexican restaurant, specializing in culinary delights of Mexico City but with an innovative flair that enhances flavor and attitude. The beautiful building has two-stories with windows everywhere. The space is airy and fun with a genuine upscale feel.

The Cantina Laredo has a wonderful menu filled with new combinations of flavor for such Mexican standards as Fajitas and the many styles of Tacos including Barbacoa, Carnitas and Pescado. The house has some unique Enchilada dishes worthy of your taste buds such as Veracruz, de Mole and Cangrejo that are spiced just right. You can also enjoy a leisurely Sunday Brunch at the Cantina Laredo which offers traditional favorites such as Huevos Rancheros and Chilequiles.

Adobe Grill


Address: 1610 N Wells St

Phone: 312-266-7999

The Adobe Grill is located in Oldtown where there are many exciting new drinking and eating establishments. This Chicago Mexican restaurant interior is warm and comfortable with many cultural items from Mexico. Quality food and great margaritas keeps the regulars coming in week after week.

The Adobe Grill prepares all their food with the freshest local ingredients. Guacamole is made tableside for a special service treat and the Empanadas Potosinas are spiced perfectly. Dig into some unique twists on tacos that are spiced with Adobe to bring out an enhanced flavor. Patrons also have fallen in love with the Lomito en Mole de Olla which is a pork tenderloin dish that will make your mouth smile or try the Pechuga Adobada that will have your senses at full awareness of happiness.

Nuevo Leon


Address: 1515 W 18th St

Phone: 312-421-1517

The Nuevo Leon Restaurant has been a gem of an authentic Mexican style establishment since 1962. Located in a neighborhood influenced by Mexican culture for decades, this Chicago Mexican restaurant reflects the celebration of life and the many cultures of Mexico. Bright tile mosaics on the floors that are accented by painted murals make this place a perfect Mexican experience.

The Nuevo Leon is famous for its no-nonsense Mexican cuisine that is traditional and flavorful. For years, the Gutierrez family has honed their recipes to create one of the more authentic Mexican dining adventures in the Chicago area. House specialties include Pollo en Mole, Lengua Lampreada (a neighborhood favorite), Chuletas de Puerco and for seafood pleasures try the Huachinango al Mole de Ajo which is a fabulous Red Snapper dish.

Antique Taco


Address: 1360 N Milwaukee Ave

Phone: 773-687-8697

Antique Taco has created a space for your taco pleasure that is filled with memories of yesteryear. The wood plank walls are filled with wall antique hangings which are complimented by many hutches that are filled with collectables. The warm feeling that is presented is welcoming.

Antique Taco Chicago Mexican restaurant specializes in Tacos that are made fresh with traditional and non-traditional ingredients. Each Taco has a special innovative twist that leads to a robust flavor that makes your stomach happy. Unique combinations include Sweet and Sour Chicken, Garlic Shrimp, Roasted Sweet Potato and Poblano are exciting new ideas with an exquisite taste for healthy tacos. The baskets are fresh culinary ideas that range from delicious Antique Taco Salad to a Three sisters Chopped Salad. Quench your thirst with a signature Horchata Milkshake to complete your visit.


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