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Best Chicago Food Tours

These yummy Chicago food tours will let you explore the various dishes the city is famous for - Chinese cuisine, pizza, hot dogs, cupcakes, and more delicious tastes!

Chicago offers food lovers a never-ending selection of delights! From the iconic deep-dish traditional pizza to exclusive chocolates, handmade iced cup cakes and scrumptious donuts, there is something for everyone.

A host of fabulous tours combine history, culture and visits to iconic landmarks with eating. You can walk or ride in a luxury bus or minivan. Combine food tasting with the finest craft beers. Indulge your sweet tooth washed down with an exotic cocktail or take the family to decide which pizza is the best of three.

Tours are led by local knowledgeable guides whose mission is to make your day super fun and totally entertaining! Read on for our choice of best Chicago food and pizza tours.

Tommy Guns Garage Chicago - Dinner And Show

Tommy Guns Garage Chicago

Book Tommy Guns Garage Dinner And Show

Although not your typical Chicago food tour, this is a great entertainment option for all the family! Tommy Guns Garage Dinner and Show transports all those willing to relive some iconic periods of America’s history straight into the Roaring Twenties and the Prohibition’s time. The famous speakeasy atmosphere is reconstructed ingenuously by means of skilful actors playing on a tuned musical background the roles of gangsters, dancers, flappers and coppers. Once you uttered the right password to the funky guy who’s guarding the entrance, you will be transported to a different world. Be prepared to have lots of fun, to drink and to pass sobriety tests, to dance, to sing, to get arrested and perform on stage, all at the same time and in the same place. Tommy Guns Garage Dinner and Show is a great choice for all those who want to take a different type of Chicago city tour.

Chicago City Food Tour: Wicker Park and Bucktown

Chicago City Food Tour

Book Chicago City Food Tour: Wicker Park and Bucktown

You are wondering which Chicago food tour will help you make the most of your Windy City experience? The answer you are looking for is Small-Group Chicago Food Tour: Wicker Park and Bucktown. You will be sightseeing historical landmarks and find out interesting details about the area’s architecture, you will see where the “real people” live in Chicago and, what is the most of it, you will taste some delicious dishes. A Chicago neighbourhood famous for being an entertainment hub, Wicker Park Bucktown is the place you want to tour if you are looking for some funs spots to return to. Your friendly guide will certainly provide you with useful tips in this sense.

Chicago City Food Tour: Chinatown

Chicago Chinatown food tours

Book Chicago City Food Tour: Chinatown

Small-Group Chicago Food Tour: Chinatown is yet another way of sightseeing in Chicago and delighting your culinary sense at the same time. This Chicago food tour means visiting five gourmet restaurants located in Windy City’s Chinatown. Each visit includes tasting the traditional delicacies the Asian chefs have prepared that day. After touring Chicago’s Chinese eateries for 3 hours, you will have eaten so much and learned so many useful things about Asian cuisine without having to travel to the far regions those dishes originate from. Moreover, the small group experience suits perfectly the idea of a food tour and allows you to make the most of this sightseeing experience.

Chinatown Food Tour of Chicago

Chinatown Food Tour in Chicago

Book Chinatown Food Tour of Chicago

The Chinatown Food Tour of Chicago brings the history of Chinese and Asian cuisine to the forefront on this food sampling walking tour. Although Chinatown in Chicago is not very large, patrons will indulge in a cultural experience before diving into some of the freshest Chinese food in North America.

During this two and one-half hour Chicago food tour guests will follow a professional tour guide who will explain the diversity and history of the Asian communities in Chicago. During lunch patrons will devour tantalizing Chinese food from dumplings to homemade fortune cookies to exquisite tea. This tour is open to all ages.

Medieval Times Dinner And Show Chicago

Medieval Times Dinner And Show Chicago

Book Medieval Times Dinner And Show

This is a Chicago food tour that will plunge you straight into the mist of the Middle Ages with everything this historical era meant! With this Medieval Times Dinner And Show, you will experience a long gone period of time, have time, indulge yourself with great food and sightsee an American metropolis – all this at the same time. A four courses dinner will be followed by a typically medieval artistic program. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the Middle Ages’ knights, nor on the massacre side of these dark times. This evening includes a visit to the Museum of Torture, a tour of an 11th century perfectly renovated castle and a lot of alcoholic drinks.

We Gotta Bingo Tour

We Gotta Bingo Tour in Chicago

Book We Gotta Bingo Tour

The We Gotta Bingo Tour is an entertainment bonanza that includes a fabulous interactive theater production with a three course dinner. We Gotta Bingo is one of the best dinner theaters in Chicago that performs a wonderful skit around playing bingo by two ethnic parishes that are trying to secure funds to become one entity.

From a live polka band to dancing to bingo to dinner there is action for all ages. Dinner features Italian cuisine, salad, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages with vegetarian options available for guests. This two hour Chicago food tour is open to all ages.

Small Group Chicago Food Tour-Gold Coast and Old Town

Small Group Chicago Food Tour in Chicago

Book Small Group Chicago Food Tour

The Small Group Food Tour of Gold Coast and Old Town will take guests through a series of food tastings while viewing the iconic architecture that makes these areas of Chicago rich in lore. During this three hour tour patrons will sample cuisine at seven locations which may include such famous eateries as Lou Malnati’s for deep dish pizza, Old Town Oil for aged virgin olive oil, Kamehachi Old Town which is Chicago’s first Japanese-style restaurant complete with sushi and The Fudge Pot for delicious chocolate specialties.

This one mile Chicago food tour is capped at 18 people ensuring an intimate time as you learn about the culture as well as the history of the Gold coast and Old Town by your professional tour guide. This tour is open to all ages.

Chicago Food Tour of Lincoln Park

Chicago Food Tour of Lincoln Park in Chicago

Book Chicago Food Tour of Lincoln Park

The Chicago Food Tour of Lincoln Park will bring guests to one of the most storied neighborhoods in Chicago to sample innovative cuisine. During this two hour tour patrons will taste food from six locations that vary from deep dish pizza at Bacino’s to pastries at Swirlz Cupcakes to white cheddar popcorn at Perco’s Popcorn.

Other locations offer sweets and sandwiches for patrons to sample before heading out again with a tour guide. Your expert tour guide will explain the history of food in Chicago and share fabulous tidbits of information about the local neighborhood. This one mile walking tour is available to all ages.

Willis Tower Skydeck Dinner Tour

Willis Tower Skydeck Dinner Tour in Chicago

Book Willis Tower Skydeck Dinner Tour

The Willis Tower Skydeck Dinner Tour is perfect for those wanting to dine with a superb view of the Chicago skyline. Guests will soar by elevator to the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower some 1,353 feet above the street to the Skydeck. An added bonus is that patrons will be allowed exclusive access to the Skydeck after regular business hours, thus giving each guest a more intimate and memorable experience.

Dinner consists of an outstanding deep dish pizza of your choice, salad, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages. Guests will enjoy two hours from start to finish on this unique dinner tour that overlooks the beautiful skyline of Chicago. This Chicago food tour is family friendly as well as a favorite with couples.

Chicago Chocolate Lovers Walking Tour

Chicago Chocolate Lovers Walking Tour in Chicago

Book Chicago Chocolate Lovers Walking Tour

The Chicago Chocolate Lovers Walking Tour is the only way to satisfy your sweet tooth and your thirst for Chicago history. This two hour tour begins at the Wrigley Building and will follow the famed Mag Mile stopping at seven locations to taste some of the best chocolate in the world.

Patrons will stop at such locations as Godiva Chocolatier, Leonidas Chocolate Café and Teavana for an exceptional Aztec chocolate drink as well as Glazed and Infused for donuts. This Chicago food tour includes a personal tour guide that will explain the wonderful architecture of such buildings as John Hancock and the Chicago Water Tower as well as the rich history of Chicago. This tour is open to all ages.

Famous Tastes of Chicago Food Tour

Famous Tastes of Chicago Food Tour in Chicago

Book Famous Tastes of Chicago Food Tour

Food lovers will be delighted with a three hour walking Chicago food tour that takes you to exclusive venues to sample the vast array of culinary delights that the Windy City has to offer. Meet your knowledgeable guide and make sure you are hungry! As you walk along, your guide will entertain you with fabulous local stories and tell you about the iconic landmarks that you pass. Stroll through the central business district, the Loop and Millennium Park where you will stop to sample traditional dishes. Try a world famous deep-dish pizza at Pizano's Pizza. Then head off to the Goddess and the Baker for a delectable chocolate dessert and gourmet coffee. Chill out at the elegant Berghoff, an age-old family-run establishment offering classic German fare and specialized beers. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted at Sugar Bliss and Fannie May Chocolates. Great for the whole family!

Underground Donut Tour - Chicago's Only Donut Tour

Underground Donut Tour - Chicago's Only Donut Tour in Chicago

Book Underground Donut Tour - Chicago's Only Donut Tour

Donuts, donuts and more donuts! If you are a donut addict you can join like-minded people and eat your heart out on a fabulous Chicago food tour that focuses specifically on these round sweet doughy treats.

Meet at the French Market and get ready for a two hour experience that you will remember for a lifetime. The tour takes you to the west side of the Loop and ends near Michigan Avenue and Erie. As you stroll along following your guide, you will make four stops at the best donut stores in the city to sample their offerings. This tour is great for families with children. It only takes place on Saturday mornings and only if the weather is suitable. A fair amount of walking is done, so you need to be reasonably fit. Gluten free and nut free donut options are available, but please advise the tour operator beforehand.

Sweet Tooth Tour of Chicago

Sweet Tooth Tour of Chicago in Chicago

Book Sweet Tooth Tour of Chicago

Chicago bursts with flavors and delights for those with a sweet tooth. Join a Chicago food tour focused on sweets and don't feel guilty! This tour is perfect for the whole family and is organised with a private guide, making it a personalized and unique experience. Meet your guide at the McDonald's in North Clark Street, wear comfortable shoes and get ready for a two hour walk. Tours start at 12 noon and 2.00pm.

As you stroll along your knowledgeable guide will entertain you with fun local anecdotes and interesting facts about the places you pass. You will stop at the City's most famous sweet stores to sample delectable cup cakes, massive gourmet donuts, macaroons, chocolate desserts and other sugary sweet delights. This is the ultimate fun way to discover the sweet treats that are unique to the Windy City!

Chicago Riverwalk Food Tour

Chicago Riverwalk Food Tour in Chicago

Book Chicago Riverwalk Food Tour

Strolling along the banks of the massive Chicago River and sampling delicious local foods is the focus of our next recommended Chicago food tour. If you are up for a two and a half hour slow stroll and a taste of delicious food, come along! The tour is ideal for families and small groups and offers an intimate look at the city with a friendly and knowledgeable local guide. The tour operates in all weather conditions so dress accordingly and come hungry.

As you stroll along the banks of the river through Downtown Chicago you will learn about the famous skyscrapers that define the city. They feature different styles of architecture and each has a story. Nestling underneath these towering structures are iconic food venues where you will stop to sample traditional Chicago fare. This is a great way for first time visitors to get a combined taste of the Windy city from a cultural and food point-of-view.

River Walk Brunch Tour

River Walk Brunch Tour in Chicago

Book River Walk Brunch Tour

A combination of great food, fascinating stories of towering skyscrapers and a healthy walk makes the perfect day outing. Our next highly recommended Chicago food tour takes you along the banks of the famous river and stops for brunch at Filini in the Radisson Blu Hotel. Meet your local guide at Peet's Coffee & Tea in the Wrigley Building and set off to see the sights. Stroll across the Michigan Avenue Bridge and wander through the Magnificent Mile and then the Cultural Mile. By now you should have worked up an appetite and brunch is served! The Filini Restaurant brunch offers everything from eggs, toast, muffins, sausage, hash and meats to coffee and tea to finish. After brunch, your trip continues along the River Walk where you will hear about the iconic buildings like the Hard Rock Hotel, the Jewelers Building, Trump Tower, the Lyric Opera House and more. Gift cards are up for grabs if you can answer the fun trivia questions!

Chicago Worlds Fair of 1893 Walking and Food Tour

Chicago Worlds Fair of 1893 Walking and Food Tour in Chicago

Book Chicago Worlds Fair of 1893 Walking and Food Tour

Historians who are enthralled by the Chicago World Fair of 1893 will be delighted to learn that a unique and exclusive walking Chicago food tour has been designed with this theme as a focus. With food, drink and culture as the attraction, you will walk to venues that originated from the Fair or are inherently connected to the Fair.

See the amazing mosaics in a hotel built especially for the Fair, then explore the sweeping lobby of the Auditorium Building. Walk Downtown and travel in one of the only remaining elevators operated by a human. Stop for some classic German fare at the elegant Berghoff Restaurant. After lunch head off to see the last standing Fire Building and the exclusive and ornate Athletic Hotel which once hosted a men's only club. A great way to spend a morning or evening with fun clue-based games and scavenger hunts included.

The Original Taste of the Pedway Tour

The Original Taste of the Pedway Tour in Chicago

Book The Original Taste of the Pedway Tour

The Chicago Pedway, Pedestrian Walkway, spans almost five miles and is the perfect venue to escape the icy winter days. It may be daunting at first, so take a tour and explore this fabulous venue with a knowledgeable and friendly local guide. This Chicago food tour will have you sampling a host of treats, playing trivia games and learning about the amazing architecture of the city that created the Skyscraper.

Stop off for some spicy Chicken Mambo at Snarf's and then sample flavored popcorn at the Chicago Kernel in the Millennium Station. Soak up some facts at the Cultural Center before stopping at the elegant Infield's inside Macy's Department Store. Here you can relax and enjoy a smoked turkey sandwich on cinnamon bread and a world famous brownie. Then sample a Caprese Sandwich at Whichwich and make sure you have space for a frozen Kefir at the Starfruit Cafe. The tour runs every other Thursday and is ideal for families!

Chicago Style Food Tour

Chicago Style Food Tour in Chicago

Book Chicago Style Food Tour

Start your visit to the Windy City with a Chicago food tour that will throw you head first into the fabulous culture of food and history! The Chicago Style Food Tour is led by a local guide and caters for small intimate groups. Stroll around for three hours and be thrilled by the iconic venues where you will sample traditional dishes and learn fascinating facts about the Gold Coast and Magnificent Mile areas.

Start off with a deep-dish pizza at Pizano's Pizza, where these famous pizzas have been made for over 60 years. Then head to the luxurious Drake Hotel for tea, a favorite venue of Queen Elizabeth and Dianna Princess of Wales. Tempt your tastebuds at L'Appetito with a traditional Italian sweet dessert before munching on a classic Hot Dog at Downtown Dogs. Those with a sweet tooth will love Fannie May, a household name offering chocolates to die for!

Small-Group Shopping and Tasting Chicago Food Tour: Gold Coast and Old Town Neighborhoods

Small-Group Shopping and Tasting Chicago Food Tour: Gold Coast and Old Town Neighborhoods in Chicago

Book Small-Group Shopping and Tasting Chicago Food Tour: Gold Coast and Old Town Neighborhoods

Combine a trip down memory lane and a food tasting experience in the Old Town of Chicago. This fabulous trip is super popular and sells out regularly, so book your spot now! Our recommended Chicago food tour takes about three and a half hours and caters for small groups led by a local knowledgeable guide. As you wander along you will be educated on the fascinating history of the Old Town's vintage-era buildings and famous streets. Tucked away in small brick alleys are iconic family run restaurants that you will visit to sample culinary delights. Munch on a deep-dish pizza at Pizano's Pizza followed by a hand-crafted cup cake from More Cupcakes. Stop at the Sedgwick Stop for a taste of craft beer and view their exclusive selection of wines. Chocoholics will be thrilled at Cocoa + Co, a chocolate paradise offering rare flavors and gourmet combinations. If bacon and coffee is your thing you will love Doodle's!

Chicago's Underground Food Tour

Chicago's Underground Food Tour in Chicago

Book Chicago's Underground Food Tour

When the weather gets icy and wet, head to the Underground Pedway on a fun Chicago food tour that will delight your taste buds. This is a perfect trip for first time visitors and families and you will soon be thinking and talking like a local! The Pedway offers five miles of shopping and the tour takes you to the best for traditional fare. Sample an iconic Chicago style BBQ hotdog and delight in the taste of exclusive chocolate from Fannie May Chocolates. Take a walk through the elegant Walnut Room and learn fascinating facts about the city at the Cultural Center. Kids and the young at heart will love the fun Chicago style popcorn that gets your mouth watering as soon as you smell it! The tour takes one and a half hours and departs from Macy's on State Street. Wear comfortable shoes and come hungry.


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