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Chicago concerts Schedule 2017

Here are Chicago concerts scheduled for 2017. The Windy City is home to blues, rock, classical, techno, hip hop and other concerts. Practically every day, you can find where to listen to music in Chicagoland's prime concert venues - House of Blues, Allstate Arena, Aragon Ballroom and others. If you are wondering what's on in Chicago today or this weekend, check out this calendar of concerts in January, February, March, April 2017 and find tickets below.


Chicago Concerts August 2017:

08/3 - Shawn Mendes
06/16,18,19 - Bruno Mars
08/17- Coldplay
08/31 - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill


Chicago Concerts September 2017:

09/1 - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Allstate Arena Chicago Concerts

Allstate Arena Chicago

Address: 6920 N Mannheim Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018

Specialty: Allstate Arena is multi-purpose venue. It's a home games venue of Chicago Wolves. Many festivals, tours, rock, pop and alternative concerts of major stars are also held here.

Allstate Arena Concerts Schedule

Situated in Windy City’s suburban area Rosemond, Allstate Arena is one of the largest indoors multi-purpose venues. It is and home to the most popular Chicago concerts and the favorite venue of rock bands. Featuring a seating capacity of up to 20.000, this arena has been home to star performances like Metallica, Eric Clapton and Bruce Spingsteen ever since it opened its doors in 1980. If rock concerts are its specialty, Allstate Arena frequently becomes home to TV shows as well as to other types of events like bull rides or wrestling games. One of this venue’s advantages refers to its great location, outside the city, but close to public transportation.

United Center

United Center in Chicago

Address: 1901 West Madison Street, 60612

Specialty: Home venue of the basketball team Chicago Bulls (NBA) and the hockey team Chicago Blackhawks, plus various rock, pop, hip hop and alternative concerts.

United Center Concerts Schedule

An indoors sports venue situated on West Madison Street, United Center is the home to emblematic basketball and hockey Chicago teams (the worldwide famous Chicago Bulls and the iconic BlackHawks). It's arena is also the performing stage for many Chicago concerts in the rock genre, live music events. among the most notorious being the two incendiary evening shows Madonna put on..

House of Blues

House of Blues in Chicago

Address: 329 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60654

Specialty: alternative, rock, pop, R&B and other Chicago concerts.

House Of Blues Concerts Schedule

Inaugurated in 1996, House of Blues Chicago is an important live music venue located on Chicago River’s North bank inside Windy City’s panoramic Marina City– a mixed residential and business complex made up of two towers, an auditorium and a hotel. Inspired by Prague’s famous Estavovski Opera House, House of Blues has interesting architecture and interior design features, among which the “Crazy Quilt” stage curtains – homage to the African slaves that made their way towards the world of freedom via the Underground Railroad and Delta Mississippi mud box stored under the stage.

The Chicago Theatre

The Chicago Theatre

Address: 175 N State St Chicago, IL 60601

Specialty: Variety of live music, dance and comedy shows events.

The Chicago Theatre Concerts Schedule

A legendary Chicago concerts venue located in the Loop neighborhood, The Chicago Theatre is actually one of the city’s historical and architectural landmarks. This emblematic building erected back in the 20s impresses its visitors by the Baroque terracotta façade as well as by its elegant interior design inspired by the Royal Chapel of Versailles. The Chicago Theatre was renovated in the 80s, but the architects maintained the initial French Baroque design, including the rich mural paintings and stucco decorative elements.

Aragon Ballroom

Aragon Ballroom Chicago

Address: 1106 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Specialty: Alternative, Techno / Electronic, rock and pop Chicago concerts

Aragon Ballroom Concerts Schedule

Housed by a beautiful building with a long and interesting history, Aragon Ballroom is perhaps the most elegant Chicago live music venue. Aragon Ballroom had its glory days during the first decades after its construction. This exquisite venue designed as a replica of a Spanish palace was home to many dance parties in the over thirty years period between the day it opened its gates in 1926 and the day the building was partially destroyed by a fire in 1958. Afterwards, the building changed many hands and was given various destinations, being used as venue for sports event, market fairs, theatrical performances, TV shows, rock ‘n roll concerts, Latino dance parties, etc. Its current owners (Aragon Entertainment Center) made it one of the main Chicago concerts venues, but Aragon Ballroom often hosts private events as well.

Chicago Symphony Center

>Chicago Symphony Center

Address: 220 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60604 (312) 294-3000

Specialty: Classical, occasionally jazz, blues, soul Chicago concerts

Chicago Symphony Center Tickets & Schedule

One of Windy City’s architectural landmarks, the Symphony Center is the main Chicago classical concerts venue. Erected in 1904, the elegant Chicago Symphony Center building is home to several music and art related institutions, to an over 2500-seat orchestra concerts hall, a events venue offering great views over Lake Michigan as well as to a refined cuisine restaurant. The edifice's initial name (Theodore Thomas Orchestra Hall) can still be noticed on the façade, together with famous names that influenced classical music's history (Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert or Richard Wagner, for instance).

Joe's Bar on Weed St.

Joe's Bar Chicago

Address: 940 W Weed St, Chicago, IL 60622

Specialty: Country, Folk, Latin music

Joe's bar On Weed St. Tickets & Schedule

A sizeable Chicago concerts and parties venue located in Lincoln Park area, Joe's Bar is often home to sports events, live music evenings and theme parties. If you are wondering what type of design you will find here, you should know that Joe’s Bar has a warehouse decoration style, so don't expect any exquisite architectural elements. With five different rooms available for its visitors, each featuring a different design and a different type of atmosphere, Joe’s Bar has seen performing on its stage local talents as well as international stars. 

Metro Smart Bar

Metro Smart Bar Chicago

Address: 3730 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613

Specialty: Pop, rock, alternative, techno, jazz Chicago concerts

Metro Smart Bar Tickets & Schedule

Located in Clark Street, Lakeview, Metro Smart Bar is home to live music every day from Wednesdays till Sunday. Techno, rock and house music fans have this Windy City entertainment location on their list of favorite places to visit when looking for a fun evening with good music and great atmosphere. If you think that the mix of music genres sounds too generous, you should know that Metro Smart Bar is actually made up of two different rooms, one for rock concerts (Metro) – upstairs and another one for techno and house music mixed by some skillful DJs (Smartbar) located in the basement. A pretty cool attraction is the black and white snapshots booth, for those who want to take home a souvenir.

Park West

Park West Chicago

Address: 322 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Specialty: Comedy shows, classical, pop, rock, reggae, alternative music

Park West Tickets & Schedule

Another Chicago concerts and shows venue housed by a historical building, Park West is located on Armitage Av. Built back in the 20s, the edifice itself served different purposes, all in the field of entertainment. Initially, it functioned as a vaudeville hall and it was known as The Lanek Court. Forty years after its opening, the building became a movie theatre, specializing in adult films. This lasted about a decade as in 1977, Park West became a Chicago music venue. Since then it was home to many rock concerts and its stage saw many local and international performances.

Riviera Theatre

Riviera Theatre Chicago

Address: 4746 N Racine Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Specialty: Rock, hip hop, rap pop and alternative music

Riviera Theatre Tickets & Schedule

Located in Windy City’s northern area, Riviera Theatre is a home to Chicago concerts, shows, live music and theatrical performances, housed by a historical building whose origins go back to 1917. An architectural jewel illustrating the French Renaissance Revival style, Riviera Theatre originally served as theatre and music hall, but 70 years after its opening was turned into a nightclub. Only in 2006, when it was purchased by Jam Productions company, it was reinstated to its original purposes.

Bottom Lounge

Bottom Lounge Chicago

Address: 1375 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607

Specialty: Alternative, Pop / Rock, Reggae / Reggaeton music

Bottom Lounge Tickets & Schedule

Initially located in Lake View area, Bottom Lounge was closed for a few years (2005-2008), its former building was demolished within the Brown Line extension project and the club was eventually relocated in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. A Chicago concerts hall whose reopening in 2008 represented a major event for Windy City’s entertainment, Bottom Lounge is actually a rock and roll club. However, its visitors can see on stage promising talents of various music genres, including heavy metal and even hip hop. The main room at Bottom Lounge can accommodate about 700 people, but the club has a second hall – the Volcano Room, whose smaller size (about 300 people) make it more suitable for private events. The venue also houses a restaurant that specializes in typically American dishes.

UIC Pavilion

UIC Pavilion Chicago

Address: 525 S Racine Ave, Chicago, IL 60607

Specialty: multi-purpose arena, sports, rock, pop and country music

UIC Pavilion Tickets & Schedule

An important sports venue in Chicago, UIC Pavilion has been the home of some of the best professional basketball and soccer teams in the city (Chicago Sky and Chicago Storm). Currently serving as main practice and competition venue for the UIC Flames ase well as for a feminine roller derby team, UIC Pavillion with its almost 10.000 seats capacity, is frequently home to Chicago concerts and music events. The campus arena often becomes the performing venue for rock, pop and techno music concerts.

Vic Theatre

Vic Theatre Chicago

Address: 3145 N. Sheffield Ave.

Specialty: Comedy shows, jazz, blues, rock and alternative music

Vic Theatre Tickets & Schedule

Housed by an architectural landmark whose design was signed by John Edmund Oldaker Pridmore (an architect of British origins whose specialty are theatre halls), Vic Theatre is a medium-sized Chicago concerts, shows and live music venue. Its impressive hall can seat up to 1000 people and has a standing capacity of 1500. Vic Theatre’s stage is used mainly for live music concerts of different genres.

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