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Best Chinese Restaurants In Chicago

Below are reviews of the best Chinese restaurants in Chicago - find out where you can find the best dim sum, Sesame Chicken, BBQ and other favorite dishes!

Shanghai Terrace


Address: 108 E Superior St

Phone: 312-573-6744


Shanghai Terrace Chinese Restaurant in Chicago is a once-of-a-lifetime experience. Located within the Peninsula Hotel the restaurant serves delicious delicacies influenced by Cantonese and Shanghainese flavors. The setting is magnificent which is influenced by silk tapestries and a 1930s supper club interior. The view of the skyline is spectacular from the outside terrace of this restaurant that was voted the number one Chinese restaurant in Chicago by Zagat Survey.

Start with Dim Sum that will make your taste buds soar when you try the exquisite variety of fresh dumplings, Seafood Siewmai or a Spicy Beef Potsticker. Shanghai Terrace main course specialties include Peking Duck with Mandarin Pancakes, Baby Abalone with Chicken or you can try the superb Shanghai Fried Noodles.

Big Bowl


Address: 60 E Ohio St

Phone: 312-951-1888


Big Bowl is the perfect place for authentic Chinese and Thai style cuisine in Chicago. The interior is modern with lots of wood, metal, high ceilings and an open kitchen for viewing. Your experience in the airy and fun atmosphere will be highlighted by the spectacular cuisine that is prepared fresh daily.

Big Bowl has traditional Chinese and Thai cuisine that will leave your mouth watering and your stomach satisfied. Fresh ingredients highlight each dish with a new twist. Their Chinese specialties include Black Peppered Scallops, Ginger Beef Chow Fun and Sesame Chicken, all with a certain flair for fun and flavor. Thai style specialties include Panang Curry Chicken, Wok Seared Pad Thai and Red Hot Pepper Chicken Noodles, which are sure to please your taste buds.

P.F. Chang's


Address: 530 N Wabash Ave

Phone: 312-828-9977


PF Chang’s is always a welcome sight when you are looking for great quality cuisine and an atmosphere that is trendy with an Asian feeling. The interior offers plenty of light and comfort for all of your eating and drinking pleasures.

P.F. Chang's Chicago Chinese restaurant has fresh and innovative Chinese/Asian style foods that are cutting edge with intense flavor. Some popular starters for your dining pleasure include Dynamite Shrimp, Ahi Tartare with Avocado, and Chang’s Lettuce Wrap. Their entrees are one-of-a-kind culinary ideas. The Hunan style Hot Fish, Stir Fried Eggplant, Chang’s Spicy Chicken are a few of the superb house specialties. There is also an incredible selection of delicious noodle dishes such as Dan Dan, Singapore Street and even Pad Thai.

Wow Bao


Address: 835 N Michigan Ave

Phone: 312-642-5888


Wow Bao Chinese restaurant has four convenient locations in the Chicago area for your dining pleasure. The establishments offer a simple menu which may vary with ingredients from location to location. You can enjoy your meal to-go or on premise.

Wow Bao specializes in quick Chinese style dishes. Their menu is fresh with such items as Potstickers, Bowls of varying meats with either rice or noodles and their famous Bao. The Bao is a stuffed steam dumpling with such savory cuisine as Teriyaki Chicken, BBQ Pork, Thai Curry Chicken or even Spicy Mongolian Beef. The Bao is the bomb for a quick filling bite of unique Chinese style cuisine with a new twist.

Moon Palace


Address: 216 W Cermak Rd

Phone: 312-225-4081


Moon Palace Chinese Restaurant in Chicago has been a gem for diners to enjoy Chinese style food for over 15 years. Ideally located in Chinatown Chicago, the restaurant went through an overhaul of the interior five years ago. The result was a warm and comfortable atmosphere that lets the patron enjoy the many house specialties.

Moon Palace specializes in Mandarin and Shanghai style Chinese cuisine. They offer exquisite appetizers like Shanghai Cold Noodle and Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) to start your dining experience. The ingredients used are the finest in quality and the unique chef suggestions include Sliced Beef Shanghai Style, Moon Palace Chicken, Shanghai Style Crispy Chicken as well as a Mandarin Happy Family. Moon Palace also has a large assortment of wonderful noodle dishes for your pleasure too.

MingHin Cuisine


Address: Chinatown Place, 2168 S. Archer Ave.

Phone: 312-808-1999


MingHin Cuisine brings upscale Chinese style dishes to Chicago that have a new twist of imagination and a superb mixture of taste as well as elegance. The interior is bright with high ceilings that are enhanced by walls which are covered by traditional and modern Chinese tapestries.

At MingHin, a person can indulge in the exquisite taste of Abalone from several areas of the world including Japan, Australia, or South Africa. The Chiu Chow Style Marinated Duck, Deep Fried Pigeon and Braised White Bird’s Nest with Chicken Soup are just a few of the house specialties. The Dim Sum is top notch with over 50 selections that are prepared fresh daily using only the freshest of ingredients giving the small bite size delights unsurpassable flavor.

Sun Wah Bar-B-Q


Address: 5039 N Broadway St

Phone: 773-769-1254


The Sun Wah Bar-B-Q Restaurant is a unique Chicago Chinese restaurant that has been family-owned and operated for almost 30 years. Situated in an older building, the newer interior has a wide open and airy feeling as well as a unique barrel shaped ceiling. The large windows looking out onto the street allow for light and excellent pedestrian viewing.

Sun Wah offers the traditional Hong Kong style BBQ has influences of New York’s Chinatown. Specialties include wonderful favorites such as Peking Duck, BBQ Marinated Subgum, as well as combinations of BBQ Pork, Chicken or Duck. There is an excellent selection of Chinese influenced seafood cuisine like Blue Crabs with Black Bean Sauce, Sautéed Fresh Cuttlefish and Hon Su Pike Fish which are prepared with the finest ingredients available.

Phoenix Restaurant


Address: 2131 S Archer Ave, Ste 1

Phone: 312-328-0848


For nearly 20 years, the Phoenix Restaurant located in Chinatown in Chicago has been serving delicious Chinese food. This Hong Kong style restaurant sports a heavy dose of wood and chrome in the interior as well as many Chinese tapestries, giving the restaurant a wonderful upscale trendy feel.

The Phoenix offers several dishes of exquisite Chinese cuisine from the many provinces in China. Diners can enjoy house specialties like General TSO’s Chicken, 1st Course Peking Duck, Scallops in Crispy Bird Nest, or Hot and Spicy Eggplant. But the real attraction at the Phoenix is the Hong Kong style Dim Sum, which has been voted number one by the many patrons of Chicago and tourists from far away.

Won Kow Restaurant


Address: 2237 S Wentworth Ave

Phone: 312-842-7500


After you climb the stairs to the second floor, the atmosphere at Won Kow is comfortable and old school; complete with Chinese paper lanterns hanging down from the ceiling. This restaurant has been a mainstay for Classic Chinese food for over 50 years.

The Won Kow Restaurant in ChicagoChinatown has Classic Chinese specialties like Kung Pao Beef to Sesame Chicken to an awesome bowl of Sizzling Rice Soup. Enjoy several superb courses that will leave lasting memoirs of a glorious food day in China. The Dim Sum is second to no other restaurant in the Windy City and with over 50 choices; a group of diners can easily cure their craving for this wonderful Asian delicacy.

Triple Crown Restaurant


Address: 2217 Wentworth Avenue

Phone: 312-842-0088


The Triple Crown Restaurant has been part of the Chicago Chinatown eating scene for almost 20 years. In the same location since 2009, they excel at the many different styles of Chinese delicacies. The interior of the restaurant offer grand views of the bustling street through large windows that are accented by open ceilings and a welcoming feeling. The cuisine is enhanced dining with a group of patrons that are willing to share the succulent Chinese dishes.

Triple Crown has many house specialties from the BBQ Pork Crepes to Sizzling Mixed Mushrooms with Black Pepper Sauce to Chicken Sticky Rice. They also have a wide assortment of Dim Sum available on a daily basis and personalized Dim Sum cart service on Sundays with over 100 selections to choose from.


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