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The Best Chicago Boat Tours

Below are the best Chicago boat tours, or cruises, departing from Navy Pier. Some cruises  are architectural; others showcase the maritime history of the city and the Great Lakes region, while other cruises address adrenaline junkies, landscape lovers or romantic spirits. Bordered by Lake Michigan and crossed by Chicago River, Windy City stands out as a tourist destination offering its visitors a wide range of urban cruises that are both entertaining and educational.

Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

architectural boat tour Chicago

Price From: $25.60; Duration: 60 minutes

Book Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

Introducing fascinating Chicago architecture boat tour - perfect for history buffs, architectural design enthusiasts as well as for those who take pleasure in admiring a typically American urban landscape! This Chicago River Cruise that you will board on Navy Pier will take you on a 1 hour tour along the main landmarks in the city.

A knowledgeable guide will fill you in with interesting details about the Great Fire of 1871 - a historical event that had a major impact upon the evolution of Chicago's urban landscape. You will be amazed at the visual harmony provided by the combination of different architectural styles: the rational buildings following the lines of the famous Chicago School of Architecture, the symmetrical facades with columns and cornices pertaining to Art Deco trend and the modern glass skyscrapers with their neat design.

Lake Michigan Sightseeing Boat tour

Chicago Lake Michigan Boat tours

Price From: $17.00; Duration: 30 minutes

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This Chicago boat tour of Lake Michigan, departing from Navy Pier, is a perfect choice for all those who enjoy spending a quiet half an hour sightseeing the city from a distance. A totally different perspective discloses itself and some of Chicago's most famous landmarks - Navy Pier, the historical Sears Tower, currently known as Willis Tower, Grant Park, etc. - slide in front of your eyes while you are cruising Lake Michigan and sipping a drink from the on-board bar. You can bring along your packed lunch on these Navy Pier boat rides. Be aware that the bar operates on a cash only basis.

Lake Michigan Speedboat Ride

lake michigan boat tours Chicago

Price From: $24.80; Duration: 30 minutes

Book Lake Michigan Speedboat Ride

Ready for some action? While a visit to Chicago can be all about architecture and landmarks exploration, Windy City has the means to satisfy your rush for adrenaline as well. Don't worry; you won't miss out on the sightseeing part! The great part about these Chicago boat tours is that it combines landmarks exploring with a fun speedboat ride. As you get the best perspective over Grant Park with its Buckingham Fountain or over Chicago Skyline, your Navy Pier cruise will stop and your Captain will switch to being a guide and fill you in with interesting details. Sounds like fun? Put this Chicago architecture boat tour on the list of things to do during your Chicago stay!

Sunset Dinner Cruise with Buffet

Chicago dinner cruise

Price From: $95.06; Duration: 3 hours

Book Sunset Dinner Cruise with Buffet

This Chicago boat tour is a great option for romantic spirits. What can be more enjoyable than having dinner on a yacht and admiring the lights of the city twinkling in the horizon in the twilight? Moreover, dinner is served as a buffet and you can eat as much as you want from the wide range of dishes available. Everything on this Navy Pier cruises is accompanied by a musical background. Don't let yourself be distracted by the food! Take the time to enjoy the scenery as well!

Chicago Lunch Cruise

dinner cruise Chicago

Price From: $67.86 ; Duration: 2 hours

Book Lunch Cruise

Having lunch on a cruise liner? This Chicago boat tour can be a great idea for a romantic activity worth trying during your Chicago holiday. You can get into the atmosphere with a drink and some great music, and then continue with an a la carte lunch. Once your taste buds have been definitively seduced, get on Chicago Lunch Cruise yacht's deck to get some pleasure for your eyes. During this fascinating Navy Pier lunch cruise, all Chicago Skyline displays in front of your eyes under the bright light of the sun.

Chicago Brunch Cruise

Chicago cruise

Price From: $85.54; Duration: 2 hours

Book Brunch Cruise

Is the American brunch your favorite kind of meal? Are the US typical skyscrapers skylines your favorite sights? This Chicago boat tour is a great way of combining the two. During Chicago Brunch Cruise you can a delicious brunch, relax on the yacht's deck while listening to good music and enjoy the scenic views at the same time. Cruising Lake Michigan at noon time is one of the best ways of exploring Windy City by water.

Chicago dinner cruise

dinner cruise Chicago

Price From: $119.54 ; Duration: 3 hours

Book Dinner Cruise

While lunch cruises are great for taking snapshots and the sunset brings in a romantic touch, cruising Lake Michigan in the evening and having dinner on an yacht means luxury and romanticism at the same time. The fireworks show at the end of this 3-hour long boat tour enhances the fun.

The chef menu dinner on this great Chicago boat tour with dinner will appeal to your taste buds and the music will set the tone. If you want to try the typical American surf 'n' turf, it is available as upgrade option.


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